Security Key Tag Program

Should you lose a set of keys – each year about 10% of people do- you’ll join the ranks of over 25 million others who must face up to this frustrating and costly experience. There even lingers the possibility you may have lost them near your home, thus inviting car theft and burglary. Replacing locks and keys is not fun. It takes time and costs several hundred dollars.

To remedy this situation we’ve developed a system which has met with great success wherever employed.

It consists simply of attaching a coded Security Tag to your key ring. Prompted by a REWARD, the finder of your lost keys contacts our agency by phone. We ask for the tag number and the finder’s name, address, and phone number. We relay this information to you. To assure maximum security in this transaction, the finder will not be provided with any of your personal information. Once you have confirmed the return of your keys, we will send the finder a small reward and thank you letter.

THIS SYSTEM REALLY WORKS! The average recovery time is just under 2 hours. The quick return of your keys does away with the expenses associated with lost keys and eliminates the thought that your keys may have ended up in the wrong hands.

Take advantage of this free added protection. Clip the Security Tag(s) to your keys at once. You’ll feel safer when you do. The tags are provided at NO COST to you. Should you need additional tags, just give us a call at 888-518-4494.

Your tag also serves another purpose. Our phone numbers are handy when you want to call us for service as they are stamped on your tag.

We realize that you have a choice in selecting your insurance provider and we’re delighted to earn your business. We hope you’ll keep us in mind when your friends and family are looking for competitive insurance quotes.

We really appreciate any referrals!

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