Umbrella Insurance

Accidents occur and unfortunately, once in a while they are significant.

Being found liable for a severe car accident where someone gets severely injured is all it takes to incur a hefty financial judgment. Most people are unable to fund these damages out of pocket. To avoid being in this situation, take out a personal umbrella insurance policy that will cover you and your family members in case your underlying insurance policy’s limits are exceeded. This insurance will pay for the damages and the expenses due to auto accidents with multiple injuries, recreational vehicle accidents or property accidents for which you are liable.

You will have complete peace of mind by purchasing a policy directly from the Performance Insurance Group.

We are the pioneers when it comes to choosing the right, Maryland Umbrella Policy that covers you and your family members for any damages caused by you.

Don’t expose your family’s net worth for a few hundred dollars.

Often the cost of an umbrella liability policy is less than the cost of one hour of a good attorney’s time. That’s right, a million dollars in additional protection for a couple hundred bucks and the insurance company provides you with a legal defense for all covered incidents. Our professionals are ready to guide you to choose the best umbrella insurance POLICY to suit your needs and budget.

Umbrella insurance gives a very unique benefit that could save you from personal financial ruin.

Your standard auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages you incur and the damages and injuries suffered by other people, only up to the limits of liability coverage. If you have the right umbrella insurance policy from the Performance Insurance Group, they will see to it that any extra liability costs that you are going to need to pay comes directly from the umbrella; not your personal funds. The benefits of this insurance are $ 1 to 5 million in additional coverage and payment of defense and attorney fees as well as other expenses incurred in a lawsuit. This includes a settlement payout to a plaintiff if you are found to have been negligent.

Available coverages and protections include:

Legal fees and expenses
Excess auto liability
Excess personal liability
Excess personal injury
We serve the entire Anne Arundel, Howard and Baltimore County areas.

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